Avenida de La Reforma 7-67 Zona 10, Ciudad, Guatemala C.A. Telephones: 23601758 and 23317893




This house was built 70 years ago, in the same place where it was a little french palace, which was built by José María Reyna Barrios who was the president of Guatemala (1892-1898); The general Reyna Barrios was a man that traveled a lot because of that he did a lot of effort to embellish the country, so he made the stroll de la Reforma and the palace de la Reforma that after the year became a military school and the Militar Hospital.

Many of the statues that remain embellishing the stroll de la Reforma were brought here by him,

including the sources, iron doors and two statues that adorn the gardens of the Hotel La Casa Grande. The president Reyna Barrios was killed in one of the streets of the city, so her wife sold the palace and went to France.

With the earthquake of the year the mansion went ruined, and for many years it stayed that way, it got many owners until 1937 when it was bought by the Vlamick family, who donated many of the marble pieces to the church of Guadalupe; Then they build an elegant house, and now it has became the right place for The Hotel La Casa Grande.